Ancor Enamel cup

Ancor Enamel cup

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Enamel has regained its popularity in recent years; No wonder - enamel has its very own charm and there is always a little breeze of nostalgia blowing over it ... No cup is flawless due to the manufacturing process - there are always small bumps in the enamel. It's just part of it ...Enamel is a combination of glass and metal, so little accidents will stay visible  but most porbably not harm the cup itself.

Ultimately, these injuries are part of enamel and gradually make each cup unique.


The cup is heat and acid resistant and can be filled with anything you like. 
In fact, you could put this type of cup directly into a campfire or a stove - don't mind the heat.
A dishwasher is not the best option, hand washing is definitely the better choice here.
What is absolutely taboo is the microwave!


When it comes to tableware, there is hardly a more sustainable material than enamel. During the production the environment gets only the lightest pollution traces and last but not least, it can be disposed of in scrap metal and 100% recycled.

  • Product information

    Material: enamel 

    Cup size: 8 cm high, Diameter: 8.5 cm

    Manufactured by Tiki Ono, Bremen, Germany

    Avaliable colours: tarn greeb, deep blue, black

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    In case you are not satistied with your product you have the rigth to send it back to us within two weeks. Please note that we will accept only products with no traces of usage and you will have to pay postal fees. 

Colour: black

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